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“Dear Brooke, I just wanted to take a moment to express my utmost appreciation for your article ‘How to Stand Out As a Job Seeker’. After revisiting your article, I felt inspired to delve deeper into my own abilities and how I can best showcase them without being solely labeled as a “Virtual Assistant” or “Receptionist.”

Through the SAR approach, I can optimize my efficiency, and ultimately enhance my overall presentation of my skills and expertise vs just showcasing the “Label” . Your thought-provoking article has truly left an impact on me, and I am grateful for the insights it has provided. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience.”

- CarolLee Ducar

“Today I came across your post titled: Managing Your ‘Mental Health While Job Searching’. I want to personally thank you, because this is such a big factor while on a job-hunting journey and you are definitely helping those that may be struggling with staying positive and motivated while on this journey. I appreciate your words and contribution.💫 You are seen and valued for all that you do.💫

- Lynette Grullon

“Brooke has been a huge part of my job hunting since the day I met her on LinkedIn! Her articles and posts have enabled me a great deal to prepare myself mentally and professionally. She is truly one of the greatest Gems and I'd like to wish her the best in everything she does to enable and enhance people to the next level!”

- Malolan V

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Hi Folks! My name is Brooke, and I am an advocate for job seekers and professionals facing career transitions. I offer tips + resources for elevating your job search, leveling up your career, and going after what you want with clarity and confidence.


Hi Folks! My name is Brooke, and I support individuals navigating the ups and downs of job searching and career transitions. I create content to guide and empower people, both in life and in work.